The comeback trail

Hello, it's been a while hasn't it? So what have I been up to in the last 18 days? Well much the same as was detailed in the last post - fighting and losing the battle against cold, after cold, after cold. As a result I have missed several events in a bid to get healthy. Training has been rather sporadic so I haven't had a great deal to talk about and I'm sure everyone is well and truly sick of hearing about me being sick. Hopefully I'm now ready to fight back and properly resume my training.

However a few things have happened since my last post. First of all I had my 35th birthday and received several triathlon related gifts so hope to tell you about those in future posts. While I have missed a couple of events (some that I'd entered independently and others that are part of the EGTC Winter GP) and haven't been training quite as much as I'd like there have been one or two small triumphs.

One of these was the 1km time trial swim which was part of the Winter GP on 9 February. Despite it being the day after my birthday (meaning I'd treated myself to a few glasses of bubbly) I did it in 18 minutes 26 seconds, taking quite a chunk of my previous best which was 19 minutes 56 seconds.

This Saturday should have been the off-road duathlon that I won entry to. However, as I mentioned I haven't been doing a great deal of running in recent weeks, particulalry of no distance so didn't feel particularly confident about the 8km run, 13km cycle, 4km run off road. This was compounded by the fact that the amount of off-road cycling I'd been planning to do in the weeks before has been severely limited. When I had been out, even since the last post, it involved some embarassing spills so decided to give it a miss.

However as I didn't feel totally on the scrap heat I made it to the Swim/Run event of the Winter GP. Effectively a sprint triathlon without the cycle section, this involved a 500m swim straight into a 5km run. Last year I did it in 34 minutes 15 seconds which I was quite happy with at the time.

However I knew I wasted a lot of time trying to pull on a t-shirt (a lot more cumbesome than you expect when you're soaking wet) and lacing up my trainers on after getting out of the pool. This year I wore my Tri-suit (despite then having to run in the snow!) and had elasticated laces so didn't waste as much time in the transition or have to stop repeatedly to re-tie my trainers. I don't know what my official time was but am pretty confident that I have beaten last year's effort.

And if I have managed to avoid hyperthermia from running through East Grinstead half naked in the snow then hopefully I have well and truly beaten the man-flu!


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