River deep, mountain high

I am of rather a sweaty disposition and it's not uncommon of me, particularly during the summer months, generally at a wedding, to regularly ask Mrs Trihard whether I am sporting an embarassing sweat patch.

Usually I am. When I lived in London one of the main reasons I'd cycle into work was so I had a legitimate reason to take a shower before I reached my desk. On the rare occasions I used the tube I'd stagger out of London Bridge station dripping with sweat looking like I'd spent an hour in a sauna wrapped in bin bags.

It can happen to the best of us. And Tony Blair
Having therefore seen me in many different sweaty states Mrs Trihard was highly intrigued when I returned from last night's club Turbo Training session proclaiming that I'd just been sweating more than I ever had in my life.

As I've mentioned before, the way the turbo sessions work is working up to a percentage of your maximum heart rate using different cadence/resistance on the bike. This simulates different cycling conditions, for example, cycling at a low cadence in a high gear (a slower rate of spin with higher resistance) simulates a hill climb while cycling in a lower gear at a higher cadence (spinning more quickly with less resistance) simulates a descent or more a sprint.

In the turbo sessions that we've had so far we have regularly worked up 85-90 per cent of our maximum heart rate, sometimes for prolonged periods. However these are always broken up with recovery periods where we cycle in a low gear to get the heart rate back down. However last night's session was slightly different. Last night we kept our heart rates at 85 per cent for 40 minutes alternating between low cadence, high gear hill climbs and higher cadence, lower gear spins in the "aero position" (holding on to the curly bits of the handle bars).

Wiggo goes Aero
Therefore there were no recovery periods during the main, 40 minute, section of the set. Therefore I was drowning in a river of my own sweat. More than I've sweated before.Apart from that time when I was 17, house sitting for a friend and I had a surprise visit from my mum. But that's another story.


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