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Crowborough 10k race report 2017

Last time it took me a week to write a race report, it was because the event (Box Hill duathlon) had sapped every last bit of mental and physical energy I had. This time it's taken me a week to write a race report because, well, I've just been a bit lazy.

Anyway, better late than never. Long term, eagle-eyed readers (which is probably just my good friend SRG) will notice that the title of this race report has a year in it.

This is because, despite the Trihard blog now being five years old, it's the first time that I've written a race report for an event that I've taken part in for a second time.

I first took part in the Crowborough 10K five years ago, when I'd just joined EGTri. In those intervening years a lot has changed.

I've taken on longer distances (quite a few half marathons and a half iron distance triathlon), have become a lot more "serious" in my approach to training and over the last six months have lost a considerable amount of weight …

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