Kill or cure

Have you missed me? It's been rather a long time since I updated the blog, primarily because I haven't been doing any training. This last bout of man flu really knocked me sideways and as a result I went 10 days without any exercise. Whilst I had intended to wait until I was fully recovered before doing anything too strenuous I have to confess that cabin fever got the better of me and on Tuesday I got out on my mountain bike for a bit of an off-road session. 

As well as feeling quite restless the fact I have the off-road duathlon in just over two weeks was enough of an incentive to get out, even if it wasn't the most sensible option in the long run. And I have to confess I feel a lot better for it. However it wasn't the most enjoyable ride, particularly because I ended up taking a bath in a huge muddy puddle.

Artists impression
 My mountain bike is fitted with SPD's (to the layman pedals that your cycling shoes are attached to and you have to click in and out of.) Having embarassed myself on several occasions, by not being able to get my feet out quick enough and falling down to the side, I decided to play around with tension so that it easier to make the movement smoother. Before heading out I even had a quick test and was satisfied that I could get my foot out of the pedal and down on the floor if I had to make any sudden stops.

However a test on the drive isn't the same as a test in the field and my first test in the field occurred as I came to a sudden stop in the middle of a newly formed lake. I desperately tried to twist my foot out, but without any luck, and down I went soaking myself in the freezing cold water and mud. I was absolutely covered. The only consolation was that while the left side of my body was completely submerged my ride side stayed dry, including the pocket which my brand new iPhone was contained in. Just in case I had any accidents and had to call for help.


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