Snow hope

So I made it to the Thursday night swim set last night and feel a lot better for it. As I result I even got up early and did the turbo training session that I didn't feel up to on Tuesday. Yes that's right, at 6.45am I was on the turbo trainer fuelled by just a cup of coffee - in your face Lance Armstrong.

However at the moment it looks like I won't be making it to tomorrow's swim/core/run session. Why is that I hear you ask? It's because of the snow. Actually if you've read the title of the blog post you probably didn't ask that question. Anyway I am a big kid at heart and having been subjected to tantalising pictures from around the country, that have made me green with envy,  the snow has finally made it to West Sussex. It started at 8.30 and after just three hours this is what the road looked like outside our house.

When it snowed last year, due to the fact that we live on a hill, cars were being abandoned outside our residence. With snow forecast throughout the night I'm not sure I fancy my chances driving the six miles to East Grinstead at 6am tomorrow, when it's highly unlikely that the roads will have been gritted. However I do plan to have a good run in the snow on my own tomorrow even if I can't do it with my fellow club members. That's unless I have broken my leg sledging this afternoon. Woohoo!


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