Sunday was a perfect day for a run in Epsom. Overnight rain had cleared the snow and for the first time in over a week the sun was shining. But unfortunately I wasn't running. One of the many, many joys of having children is the eternal cycle of illnesses that you seemed to get. After a week of having Baby and Toddler Trihard coughing in my face I finally succumbed to my third illness of the year. That's right, my third virus and we're still not out of January.

Berocca isn't working, time for a new approach in helping the immune system
 While I had a slight tickle developing I made it to the swim and core session on Saturday morning. While the core session is never easy (using your own bodyweight to build up strength and I'm weightier than most) I found I was struggling a bit more than usual. I put this down to the fact we'd had a particularly gruelling swim session, doing a lot of resistance training (using paddles, pull buoys and the added joy of T-shirts) and Baby Trihard had been awake a couple of times during the night. However by late afternoon the tickle had developed more into a chesty cough and I was beginning to feel rather rough.

While I was disappointed to be missing out on the first event in the EGTC Winter GP I decided it wasn't worth pushing myself and making the illness worse. While I am feeling considerably better today the cough still hasn't abated. I had promised myself that I would have a whole week from training but I'm already getting fidgety. I know from bitter experience that exercising when not feeling 100% can prolong the illness but as you know I don't always do the sensible thing.

And in case you wondering about the title of today's blog it stands for Did Not Start. Usually these are the three letters you see beside your name once the results are in and you didn't show. However the organisers of The Perch have spared me this embarrassment.  WTF?!


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