All you can eat

This week has been rather a busy one. As you may have noticed this has meant that the blog hasn't been updated as regularly as I would have hoped over the last week. Getting back to work after the Christmas break is always pretty hectic but on top of this I've had a touch of man flu while Toddler Trihard and Baby Trihard have formed a highly effective tag team to ensure we don't go more than two hours of getting uninterrupted sleep. Sleep deprivation really brings joy to my heart, much like a grizzly bear being woken from hibernation, so as you can imagine I've been an incredibly cheery soul this week.

And what's for the main course?
Anyway this week's main headline is that I have already successfully dropped a few pounds as a result of limiting and monitoring my calorie intake with My Fitness Pal. It hasn't been quite as tough as I thought it would be however I did face a major challenge when we had a get together which featured a rather impressive buffet. There is nothing I like more than having access to pretty much unlimited food. Also this particular buffet featured several pizzas which would be my desert island food. I freaking love the stuff. I was extremely restrained, only having two slices as well as a few other nibbles, but when I totted up my calories afterwards it made me realise how loaded with excess buffet food is. I did read the other day that some pizzas contain a wine glass of fat in them. Artery bustin' tasty! It was soup for me that night to make up for the damage.

In terms of exercise, while I made it to the EGTC Saturday swim set I gave the core session and run a miss as I was starting to feel under the weather. I then rested until Tuesday which then left me feeling well enough to attend Tuesday's Turbo session which was the dreaded heart rate monitor test. This involved cycling at the hardest sustainable effort for 25 minutes, after a warm up, which was a real killer. I then made it out for a 5km run yesterday which wasn't the most pleasant experience following the previous day's exertions but was the first run since New Year's Eve jaunt with Smug Running Guy.

Unfortunately SRG received some rather disappointing news from his Dr this week (on his birthday no less!). He has got some soft tissue damage on his foot (I've been telling him he's a softy for years) so has got to take around a month off the running to recover. So here's wishing SRG a belated happy birthday and a speedy recovery.


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