T'is the season for training folly

So this time next week I'll be trying my damnedest to drink in moderation in preparation for the Boxing Day run. Unfortunately my training regime has already been slightly disrupted by festive cheer. With Mrs Trihard's Christmas work do on Saturday and the annual Yuletide meet up with my Uni friends this Sunday (both of which are traditionally rather boozy affairs and, what can I say, I'm a stickler for tradition) yesterday was a complete write off for any exercise.

This obviously followed last week when I was struggling with a bad back and therefore wasn't able to run and missed the club turbo training session on Tuesday. Luckily I was feeling better by the Friday so I was able to do the turbo session in the comfort of my own home. But I then shot myself in the foot by forgetting my running shoes, and therefore missing the club run on Saturday.

Yes this sounds like a pitiful excuse for a 34 year old man but there have been some changes to the swim sessions EGTC recently. As a result, if  you so desire, you can now do the core training session every week before the run. My midriff needs all the help it can get so I am trying to get as many core sessions as possible. Unfortunately this means you now have to be in the pool by 6.30am, which means being out of bed by 5.40am. Mrs Trihard was out Friday evening and Baby Trihard had decided this was an excuse to stay up and party until midnight. By party I mean refusing to go to sleep and screaming unless he was being walked around over my shoulder. So after five hours sleep I wasn't exactly firing on all cylinders and hadn't picked up my trainers. Obviously I told myself (and several members of the club) that this wasn't a major issue as I'd just go for a run when I got home. But that didn't happen.

So am I going to be able to turn things around in time for Boxing Day? I have already been for a swim today and will be Turbo training with the club tonight but I do need to get some quality runs in before next Wednesday. We're due a good club hill running session on Saturday and theoretically speaking I should be able to fit one in on my own. However myself and Mrs Trihard are hosting a cheese and wine evening on Thursday and we've also been invited to drinks with one set of neighbours on Friday and another set on Sunday. And I also have a tradition of going to the local for a few pints on a Saturday evening. It would be sacrilege for me not to grace the Red Lion this weekend so close to Christmas. Jesus Christ, you have a lot to answer for.


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