Christmas time, treadmills and wine

After a strenuous turbo training session on Tuesday night I didn't feel particularly motivated to go running yesterday. As you'd expect this close to Christmas the weather was particulalry seasonal - torrential rain. I don't know where he hailed from but Bing Crosby certainly wasn't from West Sussex. Or any other part of the UK.

So with the Boxing Day run less than a week away, and several Christmas shindigs to contend with, I knew I would have to subject myself to a session on the treadmill. One of the things I hate more than getting on the treadmill is shopping in the supermarket. This is particularly unpleasant when Toddler Trihard is in tow as she wants to get in the trolley, then out the trolley, then hang on the side of the trolley, then walk, have a scream, get back in the trolley and repeat.

Even before becoming a father I have been known to be sent into a violent rage by the general public whilst shopping at any time of the year, so being accompanied Toddler Trihard at this time of the year is a potentially explosive combination. As a result I came up with a cunning plan of splitting our epic Yuletide shop into two halves where I go on my own, at a time when the supermarket is likely to be quiet, followed by a further sortie by Mrs Trihard in a few days time.

As the gym is en route to one of the supermarkets in the area I thought I could kill two birds with one stone. On the way to the gym I cursed myself for forgetting the shopping bags. Obviously I care deeply for the environment but also as I was buying a lot of heavy goods I also didn't want to be reliant on flimsy carrier bags. I then realised I hadn't packed my running shoes (again!) but thought I could get away with it in my casual trainers. As I walked up to the gym I realised I didn't have my gym card, which was in my wallet at home. Which meant I couldn't do the shopping. So I went home and got the shopping bags and wallet but thought I'd leave the treadmill until today.

Concerned my motivation would have depleted further today (especially as I have the club swimming session tonight) last night I decided to plan a session that would keep me more inclined to stay on the treadmill for at least half an hour.

So this is what I came up with:

5 minute warm up at an easy pace

45 seconds hard sprint

3 minutes 15 seconds easy pace recovery

45 seconds at slightly harder pace at a high incline

3 minutes 15 seconds easy pace recovery.

Repeat 4 times.

I'm pleased to say that I managed to get through the set, stayed on the treadmill for a good 40 minutes and did around 6km.

As I said, tonight is the first of several Christmas knees ups with various neighbours so I feel rather pleased with myself for getting this run session in and as a result will be able to fully enjoy this evening's cheese and wine evening. I have also have this carefully planned: wine, cheese; repeat until exhaustion.


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