His back!

This week has been rather a quiet one for training, mainly due to the fact that I have been suffering from problems with my back. I have been to the chiropractor to be cracked into shape and it is now feeling better.

So how did I suffer my latest misfortune? Was it during the extremely intensive swimming time trial which was sprung on us at 6.30am last Saturday? No. Was it the challenging core session we had after the swimming? No. Was it the testing hill run sessions we did after that? No. Was it my frenetic, inebriated dancing I subjected to my fellow members at the Tri Club Christmas dinner? No.

It was in fact bending down from the car passenger seat to pick up a water bottle from the footwell. As a result my exercise regime has been rather quiet this week. No running or turbo training, just a swim on my own on Tuesday and one tonight with the club.

Luckily to spare my blushes a training email was sent round the club this week reminding us that every fourth week should be a more restful week to allow your body to recover. Our head coach suggests that the "rest" week should consist of around half or two thirds of your usual training volume.

This rest period is essential for the body to recover and is the time when it adapts and benefits from the previous training workload. It also helps reduce the risk of overtraining, fatigue, illness and injury. Well, better luck next time I guess.


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