New Year Revolution

While I love the yuletide season one question I used to dread is the inevitable "what do you want for Christmas?" As I have said before, once you start getting into triathlon you suddenly realise how much equipment is required - some more necessary than others. Christmas is therefore the ideal time to request new gear whether it is a handy gadget you have seen someone else using or replacing your swimming trunks that are wearing a bit thin and bordering on the illegal.

If you have been reading this blog mainly to laugh at my ineptitude but have been just a little bit inspired to get involved in running or triathlon then perhaps these books might be something to pop on the Christmas list.

As I have previously mentioned I do own a few running and triathlon text books but they are pretty hard going and rather technical. If it is your New Year's resolution to enter a run or a triathlon for the first time then you will want something a lot more digestible.

If you have read any other books in the Dummies series you'll know that they are extremely good at demystifying complex subjects. According to the marketing blurb: "Running a Marathon for Dummies will help first-timers prepare to successfully complete their race and also show experienced runners how to take their game to the next level.

"Providing tips and techniques to help improve stamina, speed and overall health it takes readers all the way from sitting on the couch through to their first marathon and beyond, with advice for practiced marathoners as to how to continue improving performance.

"Triathlon Training For Dummies is an essential guide for anyone who wants to participate and compete in triathlons, duathlons or aquathons regardless of their experience level.
"Triathlon Training For Dummies helps competitors get into the best competing shape possible by providing training programmes based on the readers perceived level of fitness and expected time to the finish line. As well as covering important areas such as eating for more energy and the all important motivation to train for and finish a race, it includes a four-hour-per-week training programme for a Sprint triathlon, eight hours
for an Olympic and 20 hours (a much greater time and mental commitment) for an Ironman."

I have only had a cursory look but I imagine I'll be referring to them a lot over the coming months. These were sent to me as preview copies but I believe they are now available to buy, or certainly will be very soon. Once you've gorged on a huge plate of turkey, roasties and all the trimmings there's nothing better than spending Christmas afternoon leafing through a new exercise book, planning the big changes you're going to make in the coming year once you've sobered up.


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