Back on track

This weekend was the first EGTC training session dedicated to building strength and fitness following October's focus on technique. You may recall that last season I had a tendency to sneak off before the run session began. So I am pleased to announce that I summoned up all my will power not to jump in the car and burn out of the car park with the squealing of tyres before someone could stop me. But I was tempted.

To start with Saturday's swim drills included one armed swimming. Not only is this incredibly tiring but we did it in a way that I hadn't done it before with the non stroking arm trailing as is shown on the video below at 1.00 minute.

I found this rather confusing, particularly breathing over the non-moving shoulder, so managed to drink a considerable amount of the pool while floundering around like a beached whale. I did eventually get the technique (more or less!) but I have to confess at that point I was already thinking: "I might not stay for the run."

So after the 45 minute swim we then had a core session. This basically involves being made to assume positions you would normally see during a game of twister. Because of my weekly trips to the gym, where I mainly focus on my core muscles, I assumed that I was going to find the first session of the year easy but this wasn't the case. So midway through the 30 minute core session I found myself thinking: "I might not stay for the run."

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 But with some gentle persuasion (some might call it harassment) from my fellow club members I stayed for the dreaded run. As there are different abilities of runners at the club we are generally put into appropriate groups. This week was a "gentle" run which, with the use of an online route planner I later discovered was about 6km. At time it felt nearer 16km but I think I was probably running at a harder pace than I normally would. That is obviously the benefit of running with others - you do tend to push yourself a little bit harder than normal. So obviously once I was back at EGTC base camp I was pretty pleased that I'd stayed for the whole session, as I undoubtedly will every Saturday the rest of the season...

So then it was time to return home and await the arrival of Smug Running Guy. So how did my run with him go on Sunday morning. Well what can I say? We got so carried away with the excitement of letting off fireworks for Toddler Trihard and Smug Running Toddler that we were a bit too tired to go for a run. And it was hailing and very windy. OK I had a hangover. But Smug Running Guy evidently wasn't suffering as much as me - he texted me the read out of his fancy heart rate monitor later that evening to show he'd done an 8km run when he got home. In 39 minutes 31 seconds. He's such a Smug Running Guy.

But I have been out for a 10km run today, and yes I have checked the distance and it was definitely 10km. Well almost. It was 9.6km but I think that's acceptable.


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