The Dark Knight Rises

This week has been rather an exciting one in the world of Mr Trihard. Firstly, this morning as I was rummaging through my clothes drawer to find a clean top I came across an old batman t-shirt. I acquired this at a preview showing of The Dark Knight back in 2008.

In recent years (at least four) I have not been able to wear it due to piling on the pounds. I certainly wasn't able to squeeze into it when The Dark Knight Rises was released in 2012. As I have lost a bit of weight recently I thought I'd see how far I had to go until I could shoehorn myself back into the bat suit.

While I'm certainly not in the sort of shape to rival Christian Bale it appears that I've been doing something right because POW! it actually fits quite comfortably.

Too much dinner, dinner, dinner made me a Fatman
The second bit of exciting news, which may have contributed to the first, is the acquisition of a new turbo trainer. While there wasn't anything mechanically wrong with my existing one it wasn't able to give enough resistance for some of the club turbo sessions that replicate hill climbs (cycling at just 60rpm whilst getting your heart rate up to 90% effort).

I have to confess this is actually a birthday present from Mrs Trihard (with a contribution from Grandad Trihard) which isn't for a few weeks. However after seeing that this weeks turbo session was a hill set I thought it would be rude not to open the present early. Judging by my inability to walk without looking like John Wayne after the set I'd say the extra resistance has done the job.

For illustrative purposes only, this is the old Turbo Trainer
Anyway, the third bit of news is that I have been given the opportunity to enter the Windsor Triathlon (one of the UK's most popular triathlons) and write a blog about my training and preparation for the highly esteemed Triathlon Magazine 220.

The only downside to this is that it's an Olympic distance race. I've only done one of these before back in August 2012 which more or less ended in tears. I'd been on a stag do to the Isle of Wight festival three weeks before, where it rained constantly and what I consumed probably wasn't what the Brownlees would have pumped into their body prior to the Olympics.

As a result I got rather ill (quelle surprise) and didn't really do any training in those weeks leading up to the race. On the day I survived the swim and cycle but the "run" was a total disaster with me walking a large proportion of it. I finished 65th out of a field of 75. No, not in my age group, I mean overall.

But this time I'll be getting lots of nutritional and training advice from the race organisers, Human Race, who have arranged the blog so what could possibly go wrong?

Perhaps the fact that I've got a stag do in Hamburg about four weeks before the event. I would say it'll be OK because SRG will be there to keep me on the straight and narrow. But he was there at the Isle of Wight festival and it didn't really do me any favours.


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