Good news and bad news

Happy New Year! Hope everybody had a good Christmas. If you've been wondering whether my magic man flu jab worked and I've been too busy training to update the blog since early December, well the answer is no!

This week represents the most intensive week of training I've had all month - a swim on my own on Monday, a turbo session on Tuesday and a club swim session last night. While man flu did keep me away from training there were also family members to entertain and most importantly Christmas drinks to be had with friends. However on the Monday before Christmas I put my back out lifting some wood for our brand spanking new log burner. As a result I wasn't able to get to the Chiropractor to crack me back into shape until just before the New Year.

Fire in the hole
On top of this I developed a strange throat condition which was (apologies for the detail) making me retch and vomit on rather an unpredictable basis. Unfortunately this meant that not only did I miss a large chunk of training but I was also unable to attend SRG's birthday celebrations last Saturday.

However the good news is, despite not training to any great extent I've still managed to lose some weight over Christmas and am now a stone lighter than I was when I completed the Basingstoke Half Marathon (disclaimer: 10 pound of this was before Christmas due to a healthy diet and exercise. I'm not advocating vomiting as an effective way of losing weight).

Anyway, back to SRG. Seeing as I haven't felt the need, or desire, to update the blog in recent weeks the majority of you would not have heard that he has well and truly epitomised a Smug Running Guy by winning not one but two accolades at his running club's end of year awards do. So as well as referring to him as SRG he can now be referred to as Great Bentley Running Club's Marathon champion and Best Male Newcomer 2013. Congratulations SRG!

I bet he didn't look this pleased with himself on his birthday
 So, back to me. As you recall I had just began a 12 week half marathon training plan. As I have not run at all since then I think I'll be looking into a six week half marathon training plan. And hope I don't get ill.


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