Mrs Motivator

This post represents quite an achievement. Just six days into the month and already I’ve equalled the number of times I managed to update the blog during the entirety of October and November. This brings it up to four posts in the last eight months.  Some might describe that as prolific.

So I’ve left a couple of cliff hangers in the last couple of weeks - that’s not a euphemism for the digestive problems resulting from too many energy gels, I mean I have some loose ends to tie up.

Er, anyway. Firstly, did I manage to claim a place in the extremely popular Sevenoaks Triathlon (“Race of the Year Winner 2010”) and more importantly have I avoided man flu since I had my jab at Tesco?

Good job the barriers are there to keep the crowds back

Well I’m delighted to say yes on both counts. While the Trihard family have all been suffering from a variety of diseases I’ve just about managed to stay strong. Last Friday I began suffering from a bit of a sore throat and a runny nose but I haven’t really missed any training (OK, I had to bottle out of the club core and run sessions on the Saturday but I still managed the swim set). As a result it’s been quite a full on week with a couple of swims, several runs and a turbo session.

One of the events I’ve got my eye on next year is a half marathon in March. I have just started a 12 week training programme in preparation. This began on Monday. According to the programme (don’t mess with the programme!) Monday is a rest day. So not wanting to mess with the programme I didn’t do any running. However Monday night is Turbo Training night and I accidentally had a long swim in the afternoon so I didn’t get off that easily.

Unfortunately I wasn’t as excited about the second day of the running programme as it involved some running and I was feeling rather tired from the previous day’s swim and turbo sessions. As it was described as an “easy” run I just about managed to get myself out of the house and pound out a few miles. 

By that time I’d properly looked at the schedule and realised to fit it around my club training sessions I was going to have to tinker with the programme (tinker, not mess - you don’t want to mess with the programme!). As a result Wednesday became a rest day.

So yesterday (Thursday) the programme dictated  a run but I didn’t feel particularly motivated. Partly because I was feeling lazy and partly because it was flipping freezing outside. Then I discovered that Mrs Trihard and one of her fellow Try-a-tri cohorts were going out for a run. This was exactly the motivation I needed (mainly because it first involved a five minute drive in a nice warm car). 

And afterwards, because I managed to lock us out, we then got an extra mile or so in running back from our friend’s house with the spare key.


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