Keep it in the family

Despite my distinct lack of Triathlon ability a large proportion of my time is spent training and racing. It’s therefore unsurprising that this is starting to have an impact on my nearest and dearest. 

Pre-School Trihard (PST) has said many times that when she’s old enough she wants to come running and cycling with me.

Back in September it was PST fourth birthday. As befitting such an auspicious occasion myself and Mrs Trihard bought PST her first bike, complete with a seat for her trusted companion “Bunny” and tassels on the handlebars. 

If Daddy hasn't managed to catch up with me in 10 minutes time then I'm off

Understandably PST wanted to put her new steed to work straightaway so I offered to take her out for a ride. She gleefully accepted but then cautiously added, “I don’t want to go on the road and I don’t want to go out with your triathlon friends until I've practiced.”

This is an argument (lack of practice, lack of fitness – it’s all the same thing) that I've used myself to duck out of club sessions and the occasional race in the past, so it was quite a heart warming moment to hear PST get her first triathlon excuse in.

But PST isn't the only member of the family who’s been encouraged to pull on the lycra. Over the last few months Mrs Trihard has also got into running. This initially began by following the NHS Couch to 5K podcast but she’s now managed the odd 10k training run. 

In October we ran our first organised 5k together as part of the Great South Run in Portsmouth. Mrs T was aiming for 35 minutes but with my encouragement and the allure of wearing a foil blanket for the very first time we crossed the line at 31 mins 47 seconds.

Another day of romance in the Trihard household

However, this is only the beginning. Not only has Mrs T signed  for a 10k run in February she has also (fanfare please!) entered the East Grinstead Ladies Try-a-tri event (250m swim, 15km cycle and 2.5km run) in May. 

Like a heavily contagious disease it’s spreading. She’s now potentially roped in three of her friends to do it also. No wonder it’s the fastest growing sport in the world.


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