Return of the King

Whilst I know you enjoy hearing about my training misadventures I think you'll have noticed that there is been an absence of reference to someone else who regularly on this blog. That's right, I'm talking about the Robin to my Batman, the Hale to my Pace, the Cannon to my Ball - Smug Running Guy. The last time we heard from SRG he'd suffered a foot injury and had been advised to rest up for a few weeks, probably aiding recovery by keeping it in some cold water.

I know you've seen it before, but any excuse to show it again

Well I'm glad to announce that he's fully recovered and back to his best. During my slight hiatus from blogging in February he completed the Great Bentley Half Marathon in 1hr 28 mins - 82nd overall, 36 seconds shy off his personal best and the second finisher for his running club.

Last Sunday he competed in the Essex 20, a cleverly named race that has a distance of, you guessed it, 20 miles. Finishing in a very respectable 2hrs 21 mins he says, rather smugly of course, that he is well on target for finishing in under 3hrs 10 mins when he runs the Halstead and Essex Marathon in May.

However it's not been all sweetness and light for SRG. During a training run this week he was viciously assaulted when the passenger of a moving car hurled a sandwich at him. He hasn't revealed to me what flavour it is. I'm not sure I would consider being presented with savoury snacks during a run necessarily a bad thing, but he has definitely become a bit of a food dodger in recent years. I guess this incident has you asking what hive of scum and villainy does SRG live in. Well, despite spending a number of years in Liverpool and Shropshire he has returned to Colchester, the town where we were both born and bred.

But while the streets are lined with culinary flinging assailants, as you can see from this paper cutting, it does have its positive aspects.


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