A bad case of the runs

While the sun is always shining in the Trihard household, much like the 21st Century, UK equivalent of the Cunningham household, warmer weather has certainly raised my spirits. With a good couple of weeks of rude health behind me, the longest sustained period of avoiding man flu since the turn of the year, and milder conditions has meant my training has got more or less got back on track.

Happy Days

That's right, more or less back on track. In the last couple of weeks I have been out on my bike several times, with some shorter speeedy rides mixed in with some longer harder efforts on top of Tuesday night turbo training.

As well as the club swim sessions I've spent more time in the pool than I've previously managed this year. So what's the problem? That's right my lack of motivation for running has once again reared its ugly head. Other than the Swim/Run of the Winter GP (which I did in 32 mins 44 secs, since you ask. That's right more than a minute and a half quicker than last year) I had only been out for one run in five weeks.

I therefore begrudgingly went along to the run session with EGTC on Saturday which was a horrendous hill set. This involved running up a short, steep hill for 45 seconds, getting the heart rate up to 90 per cent, returning to the bottom of the hill and repeating 12 times. I'm not sure how many times I managed it but it certainly wasn't the required dozen and I have felt rather shattered since.
Artist's impression of me striding up a hill with ease

But this morning I finally summoned up the motivation to get out for a run on my own. Still feeling the effects of Saturday (and a long, hard ride on Monday) I wasn't sure how I would fare. However I was amazed to find that I actually enjoyed it and even found some of the hills slightly easier than normal. Well in the fact that I only had to stop once and got slightly further up the one ascent that is my nemesis. On this form I could might even make it round the route without stopping by the end of the season. With Easter just round the corner could a Trihard resurrection be in the offing?


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