Today I'm feeling rather tired. Yesterday I was also feeling rather tired. Yesterday I only managed to run 4km on the treadmill because I was feeling tired. Have I mentioned I'm feeling tired? As I have said in a previous post it is recommended that, to paraphrase, you rest as hard as you train. Obviously that can cause a bit of a quandary. Sometimes it takes a massive amount of motivation to either get down to the gym and on to the treadmill but once you're there and pounding away the tiredness has gone. However there is the odd occasion where you wish you really hadn't bothered.

The golden rule is essentially to listen to your body. My body often tells me to feed it beer, chips and pizza. I try and ignore that, but sometimes after five or ten minutes of exercising you know that it really is telling you to take a break. If after about 10 minutes it really isn't happening then I call it a day. I can't remember where I read it, and I have left things a bit late today so don't have time to leaf through the text books, but there are many studies showing the benefits of resting up and none stating that you can lose fitness by missing one of your training sessions.

If you don't listen to your body you can run a risk of overtraining. In the Lore of Running Tim Noakes describes the symptoms of "generalised fatigue, recurrent headaches, diarrhoea and weight loss, sexual disinterest, colds or flu and a loss of appetite for food or work." I did actually experience many of these symptoms in the build up to a race earlier in the year. However I had just returned from a four day stag do at the Isle of Wight festival.

Anyway today I have taken it easy today (Wednesday is generally a rest day for me) so will hopefully be back at it tomorrow.


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