Product review: Man sweat vs headphones

I'm quite a sweaty person who likes music. I also like to listen to music when I'm out for a run. I'm therefore highly qualified to take a look at some of the current crop of waterproof and sweat proof earphones. Each of these earphones were tried out while running a 7km cross country route and I was listening through my iPhone.

As I run either on the treadmill or cross country I don't have to worry too much about traffic but these earphones may not be suitable for running in areas where you have to be aware of passing vehicles. Obviously all my comments are based on my own personal preference for the different designs and I have earphones for different budgets so please bear that in mind. If you are tempted to make a purchase I have included links to the manufacturers websites but as I have said before it is always prudent to shop around for the best bargain.

Finally a big thank you to Sennheiser, JVC and Overboard for sending me these earphones to try out.

 JVC HA-EB75 Sport earphones

These JVC earphones are splash proof and and have an adjustable ear clip. They stood up to the toughest conditions, coping not only with my sweaty disposition but also torrential rain on the day I used them. The sound quality was superb, with a rich bass, while the earphones sat comfortably in my ear. The only criticism was that while they didn't actually slip out of my ears I could feel the earphones ease out slightly so they weren't at their optimum position. As a result the sound quality started to suffer towards the end of the run but overall a good budget earphone.

Price £14.99

Overboard Pro-Sport Waterproof earphones

The Overboard are billed as being 100 per cent waterproof, weatherproof and sweatproof and have a round neck sports band. As they are designed for watersports they are also guaranteed to a depth of 6m. As I have enough trouble staying afloat on dry land this wasn't something I tried out.

When I first put them on I was impressed with the excellent sound quality and how secure they felt round my head and in my ear. However once I started running I was constantly having to adjust my left earphone as it kept slipping out. This is a problem I have experienced before with similar designs from other brands. It's therefore likely that this could be due to the design of my head or my left ear as opposed to the design of the earphones. I say this as the right earphone remained firmly anchored in my ear without any reduction in ear quality despite me perspiring heavily.

Price £24.99

Sennheiser Adidas CX 685 Sports earphones

As these waterproof and sweatproof earphones have been designed in conjunction with Adidas obviously they were manufactured with the athlete in mind. As well as someone like me. The CX685 feature a slide to fit system within the ear, as opposed to around it, and a "sealed in ear canal design" for blocking of outside noise, definitely a plus if you're in the gym and being subjected to some ghastly Europop or whatever the kids are listening to these days. The slide to fit system certainly did its job as the earphones were successfully positioned in the required area. They did not move in my ear at all so the awesome sound quality did not diminish at all as my clamminess increased. The Adidas and Sennheiser team up is certainly more akin to the dream couple than the odd couple.

Price £49.99


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