The beginning, sort of

October marks the start of a new Triathlon season at my local club. I've been a member since November 2011 so this is the beginning of my first full season and a good opportunity to start documenting my "quest for glory". What do I mean by that?

I joined East Grinstead Triathlon Club last November for a number of reasons. In July 2011 myself and the family (which in the last two weeks has expanded to include Baby Trihard as well as Mrs Trihard and Toddler Trihard) moved out of the ghetto of South West London to a small West Sussex village meaning I no longer had any drinking buddies at hand. Over the last few years I had dipped my toe in to a few 10ks, a half marathon, a failed marathon (injured my back soon after completing a 20 mile training run about five weeks before the event), a marathon (got drunk and signed up to another one the day I officially withdrew my entrance because I, occasionally, don't give up easily) a duathlon and a triathlon. It was the latter two events which I enjoyed the most because - and we're edging closer to an explanation of my "quest for glory"- I absolutely hate running. Yes, it took me a marathon (almost two) to realise this fact.

I grew up by the Essex coast so have swum from an early age (not fantastically quickly and possibly not through the cleanest water in the British Isles) and almost ten years of commuting round London by bike has given me fairly decent pistons in that department. I enjoy these two disciplines and as a result have seen significant improvement in the last year. It doesn't take much motivation for me to get in the pool or out on my bike (although Turbo Training is a slightly different story). But I absolutely hate running - did I mention that? The main objective for me joining EGTC was to encourage me to run at least once a week, with fellow club members, in the session that is held on a Saturday morning after the swim. But the problem is I hate running.

I have bought books, various gadgets, an assortment of running shoes (depending on whether it's a treadmill, road or cross-country run I'm trying to avoid) even asked fellow club members to hound me during the swim to ensure I don't get out of the building before. The problem is what I lack in running prowess I make up for in my getting dressed and out to the car transitional skills. So my last gasp attempt at improving my running performance, and my overall race time, is writing this blog. Because this season is going to be different, you see. This season I am going to lose the weight I have been trying to shed (despite the swimming, cycling, personal training sessions at the gym, heavy text books heart rate monitor and other motivational gadgets I am still quite a fatty), I am going to train properly (not a half arsed effort followed by a desperate surge four weeks before a race) I am actually going to open some of the heavy text books, I am going to complete my "quest for glory" and I am going to keep all you lovely people updated on my progress.

As you may have guessed I am not an elite sportsmen (I'm sure that will become increasingly apparent in future posts) and was never a star athlete at school, college or University. So hopefully I can provide some helpful insight into triathlon at a grass roots level without it being at all daunting. So I think you can expect mainly rambling rubbish from me, one or two training tips that I've learnt and perhaps even the occasional product review. Either that, or this will be the last post you ever see from me. Wish me luck!


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