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So today I actually managed to spend more than a few minutes on the treadmill and complete 5km. You've probably cottoned on to the fact by now that I hate running but the only thing I hate more than running is running on the treadmill. It's incredibly boring and, for someone who is as dedicated as me in avoiding a run, it's all too simple to press the stop button when I think I've put myself through enough. Usually within a minute of pressing the start button.

When you're running outside you don't have to rely on your mental strength to keep you going. Even if you've only been running for 15 minutes it's still going to take at least 15 minutes to get home. I've tried it many times but bus and taxi drivers are generally reluctant to pick up a sweaty, near naked man who is covered in mud and crying like a baby. So you still have to make the journey back to the safety of your family on foot.

This clever little tactic actually helped me finish the Amsterdam marathon last October. At around the 17 mile mark I'd well and truly lost the will to live. I'd hadn’t done more than 15 miles in training runs so was at that stage a very broken man. I decided I was going to throw in the towel. I'd gone out there on my own so there were no friends and family to witness my shame. I felt a sense of relief and made peace with the fact that I'd given it my best shot but I wasn't destined to ever complete a marathon. However a sad realisation suddenly set in. I was on an industrial estate miles away from any part of the City that I would recognise. The only way I knew how to get back to my hotel was via the finishing line. So that's one medal I'm particularly proud of. Although I can't believe the Dutch organisers misspelt October. I bet they felt pretty stupid when they realised their mistake.


So back to today. Once I got off the treadmill I got in the pool and swam 70 lengths. Not a bad day's session. Except that I was meant to do all this yesterday. Being a member of a triathlon club means that I obviously have set days when I am training with others. However I also try and stick to the same days, doing the same disciplines, each week. Having set days for a set workout I find it easier to keep motivated and not think "I'll just give it a miss today." I am lucky that I work from home (although Mrs Trihard might disagree with the use of the word "work" there) so am able to get to the pool or gym when it is quiet. When I was a slave to the "man" (or "woman" - I have also worked for a few female bosses) I would often "plan" to go the gym but the motivation to get home at the end of the day was stronger than that of spending an hour or two in close proximity of fifty grunting, sweaty men.

So now I don't have a traditional working day I am able to fit my training sessions in at more convenient times. Except yesterday I had to take the car to the garage and then go and pick it up when I'd normally be swimming. By the time I got home it was nearing the time that all the office folk would be descending on, what I deem at the quieter times to be, my private health club. Not a problem, I thought, I'll go for a run in my brand new off road running shoes. However a quick look out of the window revealed this.

There was no way I was going to subject my expensive new running shoes, that were specifically designed to deal with wet, muddy conditions, to the wet and muddy conditions. So instead I thought I'd get on with yesterday's blog post. When I'd finished typing away I looked outside and saw this.

Yes, I could have gone for a run but it was time for dinner, so I thought I'd do it tomorrow. 27 minutes 28 seconds by the way.


  1. Good time, David. But I want to hear more about those new trail shoes.


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