Beer and meat

If you read my last blog update you will know that I recently attended a product launch. But what else have I been up to in the last few weeks since I was flushed with success from the 7Oaks and EGTri Winter GP Sprint triathlons?

With less than two weeks until the iconic Windsor Olympic triathlon have I been building on the gains I made in my previous two races? Well, er, not really. To be honest I spent the best part of two weeks drinking lots of lager and eating lots of meat. 

So what possessed me to undo all the good work I’ve put in over the last few months? Well first of all, as I may have previously mentioned, myself and SRG were involved in some marathon boozing for one of my oldest friend’s stag do in Hamburg. 

This obviously involved consuming lots of beer from glasses, as SRG described it, as big as our heads. 

SRG pushing himself to the extreme for a new PB

This was supplemented with a high volume of sausage munching (no sniggering at the back) and not much exercising. There was a brief interlude from the debauchery with a five-a-side competition (which surely counts as an intense sprint set) but certainly not the usual level of exercise I’d indulge in at the weekend.

He shoots, he misses

Two days after returning from Hamburg then the Trihard family were off on holiday to Cephalonia. As we were with longstanding friends again I had my arm twisted into drinking lots of lager and eating lots of kebabs (but did sneak in some Greek salad.)

However I did manage to get some intense runs in (our villa was a couple of kilometres from the beach but up a mountain) as well as some good sea swims.

Just below the waterline I'm clutching a beer and a kebab

Since our return I have managed to just about get back on track with my training, partly helped by a trip  to the Surrey Human Performance Institute which involved me being subjected to some horrendous cycling and running tests to see at what point my body could take no more and I’d started weeping for my mother.

Just when you thought I couldn't look any sexier in a Tri suit
Luckily I survived the experience and have learnt a lot more about how to improve my training. I’m sure you’ll hear a bit more about my trip in the coming weeks.


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