Whatever happened to SRG?

Obviously it's been a while since I updated the blog but it's also been quite a while since I updated you on the adventures of SRG. For those who can't be bothered to click on the link SRG is one of my best friends who I have had the pleasure of knowing for 20 years.

When we first met our physical activities were limited to the occasional kick about and our relationship was based on music, underage drinking and the other undesireable things that teenagers get up to. However in recent years he's become something of a running superman.

When I first started writing this blog he was very keen to appear but was concerned that he would come across as "some kind of Smug Running Guy." And a star was born.

Anyway, SRG has been training away taking on some rather hardcore cross country running of late as well as some half marathons. Despite suffering an injury he recently achieved a personal best for a half marathon  - a staggering 1 hr 24 mins 32 secs. This was a sufficent time for him to make the papers once again.

Charlie Keitch aka SRG

Unfortunately I haven't seen SRG for a while but chances are that we're probably going to be sick of each other by the end of the summer. Not only have we got a weekend in Hamburg for a mutual friend's stag do but also the corresponding wedding and a trip to Milton Keynes to see the mighty Pearl Jam.

However there is also one other event where will be seeing each other (well, I'll see the back of him for a few minutes before he disappears into the distance) which is the Bewl 15. As the name suggests this is a 15 mile off road run around a lake (Bewl Water) which he managed to cajole me into. The swine.

Anyway, I'm sick of hearing about SRG and his unparallelled success and you probably are too. The big question, is what have I been up to?

With the improvemet in the weather and my health I've been spending quite a bit of time on the bike. This is partly in preparation for the penultimate event in the EGTC Winter Grand Prix which is the hill time trial. This involves a 25 mile cycle with three timed hill climbs thrown in. The second of these is Kidd's Hill, also known as "The Wall."

Nothing can describe the horror of this ascent, a mile long 400ft elevation, but this video I found on You Tube does a pretty good job.

While I have been up "The Wall" many times I have to confess there have been two occasions where I've had to stop midway. The first occasion was on my first ever attempt and the second time was during last year's event. I can hardly contain my excitement.

A couple of weeks ago we had a 20km time trial (another Winter GP event) which was four laps of a flat circuit.

Something very exciting is occuring on the other side of the road...
While I hadn't been out on the road much previous to this I had been putting in quite a bit of time on the turbo trainer. Having also lost a bit of weight I was fairly confident of beating last year's time of 35 mins 44 secs.

My fastest lap last year had been 8 mins 42 secs while my slowest was 9 mins 10 secs. I worked out that if I could aim for less than 8 mins 45 secs for each lap then I would comfortably beat last year's time. With the entire Trihard family (including my Dad) there to spectate the pressure was on.

Hijinks in the car park while I'm slogging my guts out in the quest for a new PB
As both Mrs Trihard and my Dad had their cameras I suggested that they'd want to be ready for my first fly by at around 8 mins 45 secs. However I was so quick on the first lap that I completed the first circuit nearer the 8 mins 30 mark meaning they accidentally photographed some of my fellow club members who were also wearing the EGTC kit.

Me modelling the EGTC cycle top
However by the final laps they'd managed to work out when I'd be panting past, as you can see above. While the lap timings still haven't been made available I'm pleased to say that I well and truly smashed last year's overall time, coming in at 33 mins 58 secs.

So if I can make it up Kidd's Hill without stopping this coming Sunday, then I will be in a very good position to have beaten all my previous times from last year's Winter GP (obviously conveniently ignoring the ill fated 1km swim).

Pray for me.


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